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Music from SORRY

Earlier this year an NYC-based production company called Shook Ones had a two-week run of their multimedia theatrical dance piece SORRY at the LaGuardia Performing Arts Center in Queens, NY. DJ LOKASH was invited to play the role of the DJ and provided music throughout the piece. Recorded live in Brooklyn a couple of weeks after the close of the show, this is a mix of some of the music that you would have heard if you were a part of the celebration.


Allison from Bowery Boogie had the idea to curate some music and asked if there was any interest in a project to cheer up our friend DIVA. A lot of these are tracks from some of my favorite records growing up back when it was normal to drive up and down the East Coast to go to obscure shows and skate with random kids from other states because they were your brothers. These were collected well before my first copy of Super Sharp Shooter and the endless stream of 12″ promos and mp3’s of years following. It was a good reminder of where I come from, who I am, and more importantly a collection of tracks from the heart and the days of my first pause-tapes that will hopefully make DIVA feel better.

Fashion Week Extras

Fashion Week Extras cover

While going through all of the tracks that managed to find their way onto the hard drive here for the fashion week episode of New World Show, it looked like there were a lot of really good tracks that weren’t going to make it on the show. So many for one week in fact, that it seemed like it would be a crime not to do anything with them…

So instead of letting them go to waste (although some of them did get played at the Michele Lovetri launch party), it probably made more sense to make a quick mixtape…