About Bassment Beats:
Bassment Beats first aired in the spring of 2003 on WNHU 88.7FM at the University of New Haven. Deejays Shinyo and Geometrik were the original hosts as they sought refuge in the basement of one of the UNH buildings. After Geometrik’s departure in the Summer of 2004, during December of the same year, DJ LOKASH started doing fill-in slots for the station.

It wasn’t long before before Shinyo approached Lokash about co-hosting Bassment Beats. This partnership lasted until Summer 2006 when Shinyo left the station to pursue a career in the culinary arts. DJ LOKASH continued to do the show by himself until the end of 2007 when the show left the basement of WNHU and took a hiatus.

Almost two years to the day in 2009, Bassment Beats finally began airing new episodes on Allhiphop Radio, the internet radio station powered by Allhiphop.com. However, the short-lived relationship would cease in the Spring of 2010 as result of politics within station.

The start of the Fall semester in 2010 finds Bassment Beats with another new home, this time back on the airwaves of terrestrial Connecticut radio at the Wesleyan University station WESU. Proud to be able to add to the 70+ year legacy of WESU, in 2013 Bassment Beats and New World Show became the first music programs produced by WESU to be offered on the Pacifica Radio Network.

About New World Show:
First airing in January of 2012, New World Show aims to include as many genres of music from all corners of the world that incorporate bass as a driving component into a unique global music experience. It is the manifestation of a years long desire to deliver some of the many eclectic sounds and rhythms outside of hip-hop that inspire the global movements of dance, oratorical and visual art.

Bassment Beats and New World Show can now be heard at 2am every Saturday on 88.1FM in Central Connecticut/Southern Massachusetts or worldwide on wesufm.org. Pacifica Radio Network affiliates can download both shows from Audioport.org. You can also subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

DJ LOKASH covers the full gamut of music with expertise ranging from the latest underground EDM and multifarious transnational offerings, to pop, contemporary independent hip-hop, and forgotten funk & soul classics. Turntablist & live PA elements meet an unparalleled combination of technical ability, versatility, and expansive knowledge to create unforgetable musical experiences custom tailored to suit any crowd.

With one foot in NYC and the other in New Haven, the long time Connecticut radio host/mixshow deejay, has also spent the past few years doing studio work and live stage shows with artists including MrMecc, Rob Murat, Liz (Lady Elizabeth) Dellinger, YC the Cynic, Sketch tha Cataclysm, Dooley-O, Bisco Smith, Blitz the Ambassador & Cannibal Ox.

The best independent hip-hop, global bass & more spun by DJ LOKASH