DJ LOKASH in Woodbridge, CT on 09 Mar 2013

Congratulations to both the Yankee Brutals and the Stepford Sabotage for blowing out both Hudson Valley teams by over 200 points each!

photos by Jeffrey Kerekes.

Check out his photos of the guests from WNPR who were invited to blow the opening whistle on I Love New Haven.

more photos after the jump…

Katie Brunetti (60) is easily the leading scorer for the Sabotage.

Girl Fawkes (5NOV) responding to a lame call.

Hudson Valley taking it on the jaw from Luciana Pulverotti (110R).

The Yankee Brutals bench.

JK Elemenopee laying down a hit on a zomB blocker.

The Yankee Brutals set a new team record for points scored.

The Yankee Brutals & Hudson Valley zomBsquad


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