DJ LOKASH in Hartford, CT on 31 Mar 2012

photo above by Bobby Sparks (fb album)

DJ LOKASH was in the house reppin’ 203 & NYC in CT’s 1st DMC competition!!!

more info & photos after the jump…

 Big shout to Christie Z-Pabon, Trinity International Hip-Hop Festival and everyone who was a part of this historic event! This was the first time there has ever been a DMC regional in Connecticut.  Congratulations to DJ Fascinate from New Hampshire for winning the title of 2012 New England Regional Champion.  Also congratulations to DJ Revelation for getting 3rd place in his first ever DMC battle and keeping CT in the top 3!

photos below by Nick Lacy

photos below by Christie Z-Pabon/DMC USA

Mo Niklz puttin’ his back to it.

The homie N.E.B. came out swingin’ but was given an admirable yet disappointing 4th place.  We’ll be rooting for you in June for the NYC regional.

Props to DJ Revelation for snagging a well deserved 3rd place!

Congratulations to DJ FasciNate for comin’ down from New Hampshire to school everybody while taking 1st place and earning a trip to the US Finals in August.

1st: DJ Fascinate (NH)
2nd: DJ Esquire (NY)
3rd: DJ Revelation (CT)
4th: N.E.B. (CT)

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