DJ LOKASH in Washington D.C. on 27 Apr 2012

photo by Bobby Sparks

Myself and DJ Revelation (3rd place 2012 DMC Hartford regional) hopped in the DJ Mo Niklz-mobile along with the man himself to head to DC where the three of us were handily shown why DJ I-Dee was entered under the name Skratchatory Rape and would ultimately win. ouch. – DJ LOKASH

more photos after the jump

Photos below by Christie Z-Pabon/DMC USA

backstage with the deejays

the beautiful DC crowd

photos below by Bobby Sparks (fb album)

DJ Revelation (3rd place Hartford Regional 2012)

DJ Mo Niklz

1st: DJ I-Dee
2nd: DJ Esquire
3rd: DJ Grandmaster Supreme


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