DJ LOKASH fights for the LAST SPOT on BET’s Master of the Mix

DJ LOKASH has been selected as 1 of 12 finalists in the Just Blaze People’s Champ Challenge.  The challenge is to make a youtube video with 7 exclusive Just Blaze tracks and to mix them in 2 minutes.  What I need you to do is to go to the Master of the Mix Youtube page, click SUBSCRIBE and then click the “LIKE” button and to tell everyone you know to do the same.  Congratulations to DJ Wicked from Portland, OR for winning the contest.  We wish you the best of luck.  More after the jump.

Also, if you want, you can download the audio of the set here:
DJ LOKASH – Smirnoff Master of the Mix Season 2 – People Champ Contest by DJLOKASH

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